Hygiene and Pest Control Surveys with Recommendations.

General Insect Control; Cockroaches, Beetles, Ants etc.

Identification of all types of Pest Infestation.

Specialist Insect Control; Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks etc.

Rodent Control; Rats and Mice etc.

Insecticidal Fogging of Open Areas.

Fumigation of Warehouses, Ships, Silos, Containers and Grain.

Supply, Maintenance and Installation of Flying Insect Control Systems.

Spraying of Refuse Tips for the Control of Insects and Mal-Odours.

Special Reporting Systems for Continued Effective Control.

Month, 24-Month and 36-Month Contracts can be negotiated for any type of Service.

Issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificate (De-ratting Certificate) authorized by Federal Transport Authority for Vessels, Ships, Barges & Offshore Rigs.

Food Catering Areas

Sea Ports and Dock Installations

Office and Apartment Blocks, Individual Flats and Villas

Offshore Locations; Oil rigs, Platforms, Islands etc.

Industrial Premises including Canteens

Food Manufacturing, Canning and Processing Plants

Food Storage and Distribution Warehouses

Grain and Sugar Storage Plants

Fruit and Vegetable Markets

Supermarkets and Shops

Restaurants and Hotels

Hospitals and Clinics

Schools, Universities, Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries

Municipal Offices and Buildings

Camp-sites and Remote Areas

Ships and other Vessels

Underground Service Ducts, Tunnels and Sewers